If you didn’t know this already, you do now.  The Democrats (or at least some of them) may not know it themselves, being so convinced that they are a moral force that knows best.  If flooding the African-American community with Food Stamps and handouts, and culturally segregating every racial demographic in the United States isn’t enough, there is something more specific we can mention.

Black and White

Man on the left will find it hard to vote under a voter ID law (presumably because he’s black), whilst man on the right will find it easy to vote under a voter ID law (presumably because he’s white)

Showing I.D. when going to vote.

The Democrats hold this as a ‘racist’ law because it would mean that some people, though particularly ethnic minorities, will not be able to vote.  That’s about as far as their argument goes.  They don’t specify *why* these ethnic minorities should have any bother showing I.D., they just play the race card, along with sprouting off about the Jim Crow laws.

But let us examine the logic of their argument more closely.

First, why should voter identification stop ethnic minorities from voting in elections?  Clearly, such a law would enable anyone to vote, should they have the necessary identification.  To add to this, there is nothing stopping black people and other minorities from acquiring the necessary identification, as there is nothing stopping them from acquiring and showing the identification needed to get on an aeroplane, drive a car or buy a can of beer.

It is no use arguing that voter ID will stop ethnic minorities from voting, for that statement does not give an reason as to why that might be the case?  So, I, Robert Montero, will ask it on this blog, and attempt to come up with an answer.  Though, I of course welcome differing interpretations (if I never welcomed them, I wouldn’t have a comment section).

The answer, to me, must lie in a belief of racial inadequacy.  Ethnic minorities will suffer as a result of voter ID laws because ethnic minorities do not have the mental capacity to do the paperwork, take a photograph, and show their ID at the door to the polling station.  This sounds like quite a racist argument.  Why can’t ethnic minorities arrange for such IDs?  If voter ID is as difficult to understand as the Affordable Care Act is, then it will prove a challenge for whites as well.  It should also be noted here that, if one does not agree with voter ID, then attacking it on the ground that it might deter people (of any race) from voting seems a far more polite argument.  There is, after all, an immense democratic deficit in the United States, with barely half of those who were eligible to vote voting in the 2012 Presidential Election.

But you can’t blame Lefties for this entirely.  Blacks, hispanics, and others have bought into the idea that they’re too stupid to use voter ID.  The hispanics forget that many in their community are hardworking business owners who have built up great projects from scratch.  The blacks forget that the poverty in black communities is not the product of some mental deficiency, but rather the fault of white Democrats, who, thanks to President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, are chained to a life of state handouts, which is so ingrained in the poorest black communities that by the time many black children are ten-years-old they think the government is their family.

But, I must be fair.  Not all Democrats subscribe to this view.  Rhode Island, for example, passed a voter ID law in 2011, despite having a Democratic-controlled legislature.

I am going to remain optimistic in this issue.  I believe that, in time, ethnic minorities and liberals will come to understand that the argument they are putting forward against voter ID is racist and untrue.  Until that time comes, however, a country remains divided of yet another trivial issue, hating its opponent like two warring factions in a playground.

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  1. I think the two main reasons they object to required voter i.d. laws are that it would stop them from stuffing the ballot boxes with dead and fake voters, and it would stop illegal immigrants from voting for them.

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